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Scuffing your best pair of shoes or breaking off a heel can be very frustrating but don’t panic - we are

here to help. We can offer you a full range of shoe repair services to bring your shoes back to life.


So if you need new heels or soles, or even if your shoes are too tight to wear - we can find the

right solution for you.

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Experienced shoe and boot repair experts

Give your shoes a new lease of life

Your choice of shoe repair services

- Sole and heel replacements

- Stitching repairs

- Patching

- Shoe alterations

- Orthopaedic repairs

Before you cast aside your old pair of shoes because they are

scuffed, broken or coming apart at the seams - bring them to us.

We offer you a full range of emergency repair options to restore

your favourite shoes or boots.

For all your show repair needs

Call us today on Kettering:


01536 414 766


A while you wait service is available if required

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